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“I earned my A15 at the XYZ Cup and it shows up on AskFred but I don’t see it listed in the USA Fencing membership database. What’s up with that?”

Here’s how the process of getting your classification changes listed with the National Office works: after the competition is done, the event organizer must submit the new ratings to the Division Chair. Then, we send it on (usually within 24 hours) to the National Office. They check every single person in the event for age eligibility and membership status and send back any problems for clarification. Then if everything’s in order, your classification change is updated in the system. It may show up in Fred earlier, since that’s received automatically from the competition results; however, this has no relation to its status with the National Office.

If it has been more than a week since the event in which your new rating was earned, and it is still not listed in the national membership database, start by contacting the event organizer (you can usually do this from the event’s AskFred page or the club’s website) and ask if the classification changes for your event have been submitted to the Division. If the answer to that is “yes,” follow up with the Chair, and we will follow up with the National Office. If you address the National Office directly, they’re just going to ask the Division anyway, so best to start locally!

Check your classification and print your updated membership card at


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Remember to submit your classification changes! They are not automatically sent in, you must use the “send rating changes” link in your AskFred bout committee panel to generate an e-mail to the Chair (enter in the second dialogue where it asks for an e-mail address). If you make a habit of doing it right after you post the event results to Fred, it’s an easy procedure of a few seconds. Results usually go to the national office within a day of receiving your e-mail and you are cc’d so you’ll know when it’s gone on; additionally, events whose changes have been sent on to the National Office will be marked on the division event spreadsheet.

Classification changes must be submitted through AskFred in order to be processed. You are strongly encouraged to submit your classification changes within a week of the event in case any follow-ups on memberships or age eligibility are needed.

Referee Reporting

Beginning October 1, 2015, all tournament organizers will be required to submit a list of officials who worked their event. We ask that the division submit the list of officials when the classification report is sent to the National Offices. All officials are required to be background screened for USA Fencing sanctioned events. If a non-screened official is used, the tournament organizer will receive a warning letter. On the second offense, the tournament organizer will not be allowed to host a sanctioned event for a period of six (6) months. On the third offense, the tournament organizer will be referred to the Board of Directors for investigation and potential disciplinary action. The requirement does not include self-directed events or apply to individuals who are under the age of 18.

In order to fulfill this requirement, local organizers should complete the Event Officials Form and email to at the same time you submit your classification changes via Fred. Please note any minors. If the event was self-refereed, you can note that in your Fred submission (for instance, “one round of pools, 100% promotion to DEs; self-refereed”).

Beginning Aug. 1, 2017, all USA Fencing sanctioned events must have at least one rated referee. As in previous seasons, all tournament officials must be compliant with the USA Fencing Safe Sport Policy, including maintaining a current background check. See and click on the “background screening” sheet to doublecheck your refs’ status. In addition, all officials must complete the free, online Safe Sport Training Course.

Without the referee information, your classification changes will not be passed up the chain.