Competition Sanctioning

In order to provide more and stronger competitions for our members, the Division strives each season to negotiate member clubs’ schedules to achieve a minimum overlap of the same types of events. For example, we actively work to avoid having two foil opens on the same day.

For your competition to be sanctioned — that is, recognized as an official USAF event eligible to allow fencers to earn classification changes — you must submit your event to the division for schedule approval, pay the annual sanctioning fee, and send the division your classification changes (if any) upon completion of the event. Read on below for details of how to do all of these things.

Currently the Chair oversees scheduling, sanctioning and reporting of new classification changes, so if you have questions, problems or new events, contact

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2019-2020 season schedules are due to by 6 pm on August 1st. Competitions planned for July 1 – October 31 are first-come, first-approved, so that early schedulers don’t have to wait for the last-minute planners to get their events up. Competitions November 1-June 30 are subject to schedule optimization – that is, you may be asked to change a date in order to accommodate another club as we try to keep from having exactly two of the same event on any given day.

How to submit your dates:

E-mail your proposed dates to Please include the date, type of event, and time(s) for close of registration if you know them. Do not send your clever, cute competition name – just the weapon, age group, and gender (or mixed). For example:

  • Sun 7/4 Foil Open – Men’s Foil, 10 am, Women’s Foil 12 pm
  • Sun 7/4 Youth Epee – Mixed Y10 epee 8 am, Y12 men’s/women’s epee 10 am, Y14 men’s epee 11 am, Y14 women’s epee 12 pm

In planning, be sure to consider national events (NACs etc). Around the time of Summer Nationals, I generally provide a planning calendar to clubs who have run events in the past. If you have not received the annual scheduling reminders and how-to’s email, please request it.

If you are interested in hosting a qualifier, see below under Qualifiers.

Schedule mediation period:

The Chair will mediate any schedule conflicts via e-mail during August 2-7, and then send around the final schedule at which point you can post your dates on AskFred. Do not post any events to AskFred until they have been cleared and you get the official go-ahead. Use the “hide this tournament” link in your bout committee panel on Fred if you want to set your events up ahead of time. Events without conflicts will generally be approved a day or two after the August 1 deadline. Once an event is on the master calendar, other additions must then work around what’s already in place.

Annual sanctioning fee

There is an annual $120 sanctioning fee due to the division by September 15th; clubs submitting events will be invoiced via Paypal after the August 1st deadline.

Non-USAF events do not incur a sanctioning fee and will not be considered for schedule mediation; however, the division appreciates being informed of your plans to run these events.


If you are interested in hosting a qualifier, you must submit specific date(s) that you are able and willing to host that particular qualifier. Qualifiers with only one requesting club will be assigned to that club. Qualifiers requested by multiple clubs will be awarded at the division meeting in September. In order to be considered, please submit your dates by August 1. For qualifiers, all referees must be USAF-rated with at least one supervising referee of 5 or better.

redruleAdding or Changing Events During the Season

Over the course of the season, you must clear changes and additions to your competition schedule with the Chair before posting to AskFred. In general planning around what’s posted on Fred already will give you clear dates and quick approval, but keep in mind other clubs are also adding and changing, so you must check first. Additions and changes after the master schedule has been generated are first-come first-served.


Failure to comply with any of the outlined procedures may result in your event being desanctioned. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.