Fencing Documentary Crowdfunding Now

This week, Metro NYC Division member Holly Buechel has launched an IndieGoGo campaign for her fencing documentary, Fencing For The Edge. This fundraising campaign is offering perks involving other NYC fencers, tax-deductible receipts, and digital downloads of the completed film. Fencing For The Edge is a feature competition documentary that follows one fencing season in New Jersey and the stress of high school life. Freshmen with no experience join the team and learn the basics of the sport of fencing. With the juniors and seniors, college is on the horizon and the students are trying to stand out on their college applications. Winning isn’t everything but after following four teams throughout the season, Bernards and Columbia remain and fence off in the finals! We see the students grow and learn not just a new sport, but they learn how to support each other, communicate, and bond as a family.  Learn more about the film and support the campaign >