Junior Olympics Qualifiers

Metropolitan Division JO Qualifiers are scheduled for Sunday, November 16.

Epee – NY Athletic Club – info & registration >

Foil – Brooklyn Fencing – info & registration >

Saber – Manhattan Fencing – info & registration >

Junior Olympics information page on USA Fencing >

Going to JO Qualifiers? READ THIS!

  1. You absolutely, positively, must be a Metropolitan division member in order to compete in these qualifying events. You should bring your USA Fencing card to the event with you (we will be verifying, on-site, against the latest national membership listing). If you are listed on USA Fencing’s national membership list as belonging to another division, we absolutely, positively, will not let you compete. Who you contacted, what they said, and/or what mistakes were made by you or USA Fencing do not matter. Your having missed your own division’s qualifying event, or failed to qualify through it, does not entitle you to attend the Metropolitan division’s qualifiers. If there is a legitimate issue, make sure the National Office fixes it beforehand or notifies the Metropolitan officers DIRECTLY.
  2. Foreign fencers are not allowed to fence as they may not compete at Nationals! Any fencer who is a citizen or permanent resident who has represented another country in the last three years is NOT eligible for any USA FENCING National Championship competition, individual or team, including corresponding Division qualifying competitions. A foreign fencer who is in the US on a visa is NOT eligible to fence in any National Championships or the Division qualifying competition. Otherwise, permanent residents are eligible; please bring your proof of residency along with your USA Fencing membership card. Your Membership card should say Metropolitan Division, not Egypt, Ukraine, France, or anywhere else!
  3. Every event requires registration by a specific date via AskFRED. To register, click “Register” next to the event you want to register for and you will be taken to the AskFRED registration system. After you register, confirm that your name appears under the correct events in the “Whose Pre-registered” list in AskFRED.
  4. You must show up for any events you register for, even if the number of registered competitors is less than the number of available qualifying spots. Fencers, even those that have registered, who do not appear in time for their events will be scratched and will not be submitted as a qualified competitor to the national office. The number of entered competitors, their placements in the event and/or the number of available qualifying spots will not be taken into consideration.
  5. BE THERE and BE ON TIME. If you have any problems registering, please immediately contact the club which is hosting that event. As outlined by the National Office, attendance at an out of town school is not a valid excuse. We will be highly unsympathetic towards any excuses short of natural disaster, war and/or death (and for those at war, you technically belong to the National Division, so even that won’t work!).
  6. Ok, ok, but how do I know if I qualified? Visit the USA Fencing JOs event page for the guidelines of qualification paths. Generally speaking the host of your qualifier should let you know, and we’ll post the qualifying fencers here within a week or so after the qualifiers are held, or feel free to email the division to check your qualification status.

2014 Hall of Fame Inductees

The Metropolitan Division salutes this year’s new members of the Fencing Hall of Fame, and particularly those who hail from our area!  Congratulations to:

  • Keeth Smart (Brooklyn, N.Y.), 2008 Olympic silver medalist
  • Erinn Smart (Brooklyn, N.Y.), 2008 Olympic silver medalist
  • Ivan Lee (Brooklyn, N.Y.), 2004 Olympian
  • James Melcher (New York City, N.Y.), 1972 Olympian
  • Alec Hern (New York City, N.Y.), coach of 1960 Olympic medalist Albie Axelrod
  • Hippolyte Nicholas (New York City, N.Y.), coach of the Fencers Club

2014-15 Executive Committee slate

The following board has been nominated for the 2013-2014 season:

Chair: Rachel Fedde
Vice Chair: Jonathan Bartlett
Secretary: Patrick Durkan
Treasurer: Ellen Heasley

As always, any current member is welcome to attend a division meeting or share their input by e-mailing any of the board members. Anyone wishing to contest the Nominating Committee’s slate by running for one of the positions should submit a petition by email in the required format to patrick@nyacsabre.com. Petitions must be received by July 31st, 2014.

Qualifier report generation

1. Before you start your events, make sure that for each one you select the appropriate qualifier type from the drop-down on the Setup page in Fencing Time.

Picture 8

Picture 9

ALSO make sure to enter BIRTH YEAR and MEMBER numbers for each competitor. You do this from the check-in screen.

Picture 6

Click the pencil icon (leftmost in above screenshot) to make changes to a fencer’s information.

Picture 7

Make whatever changes are needed and click ok.

2. When the last event of the day finishes, (make sure you have clicked “finish event” at the end of each event! They should be greyed out in the lefthand navigation rather than black once they are “finished.”) go to Reports > Qualification Summary Report.

Picture 12

It will bring up a new dialogue box showing all the qualifiers. Click “Create Spreadsheet for the USFA.”

Picture 14

3. E-mail that document (.xls) to me, fedde@brooklynfencing.com.