Qualifier report generation

1. Before you start your events, make sure that for each one you select the appropriate qualifier type from the drop-down on the Setup page in Fencing Time.

Picture 8

Picture 9

ALSO make sure to enter BIRTH YEAR and MEMBER numbers for each competitor. You do this from the check-in screen.

Picture 6

Click the pencil icon (leftmost in above screenshot) to make changes to a fencer’s information.

Picture 7

Make whatever changes are needed and click ok.

2. When the last event of the day finishes, (make sure you have clicked “finish event” at the end of each event! They should be greyed out in the lefthand navigation rather than black once they are “finished.”) go to Reports > Qualification Summary Report.

Picture 12

It will bring up a new dialogue box showing all the qualifiers. Click “Create Spreadsheet for the USFA.”

Picture 14

3. E-mail that document (.xls) to me, fedde@brooklynfencing.com.